Incoming  danger 

In coming danger of our lives and prediction of our future

By kanda nirmal

God said do not cause problems to others

If some one is happy because of you then do not delay to do the small favor to creating a peace in your nation.

But human will take over the kingdom of God so why god will dispear from the world.

People will be running after bussiness men to ask where is god lives but God will hide and elope from wicked people __sufiyna says

We may come again on the earth and die again; he will not accomplish to find the god no matter what we can do . The circle 84 births will not cut down because human is a ruler himself and his ability will be killing others’ faith .

I say that my brother be prepare for this is in coming future. _so soon __

One day this planet that is made by Allah mighty god or holly lord and god either jehuva either Jesus will turned into a monster land. ___People will be hating each and human will be failure himself by his own weakness. ____

That time I may not be there but slow poison of hatered will make eloped human kindness. Wickness will take over by demons and devils.

My prediction about the kuljug is very hard to know becuase this is a critical time that we choose that we are religious but we are not accepting the truth that is the kindness and love is eloping from people. It seemingly to people wants to know only their god and hate others’ God , moverover, no one will mercy on others; becuase having of colors ‘ of people and nationality will killing their faith and their faith will be scaled by bad people illegally. Hand made or man made toys will turned into worshiping articles . There will be more gods and many Gods will be created by hands and stupid people will guide to stupid nations There is a time frame where people will be turned some devil and drmond’s actions and force ordinary human to worship them.

Then slowly slowly each nation will have their personal god that who will a nurse others or refer them selves that they are Gods. I am a God : I am a God and this announcement will amuse the bad one.

This is a warning from the bible be careful about fake Gods

Many faiths and belivers will be guided by simple wicked men .

The fact is that the creation of our creator will enclosed by God and God will adequate his boudries from human to protect the goodness only by if that God will not stand by the wickness and but simple human ,Saint reshi, sufi and worshipers ,devotees and true believer will find him so easily and they will make distance from bad mens
Each nation will kill each other’s nation and will be attacking on helpless people . And this slow poison will eat simply the faith and spirituality of good people. The major wars and blood shed such of those common disastrous l situations will happened by their own leaders to clean the earth by strong leader and weak nation will be taken over by any stonger nation.

I as a human, also, his goodness will survived by it self becuase I myself will have to run from bad people. Good people will have so much suffered by wicked ones only and timmed one will moaks on spirituality.

suffering of human will not ened and more wicked one will born and demon will says that I am a Demon fallow me then simple demon will make the wicked one to worshiping them and the world will either choose the peace by turning to God . This can only happen time and spritilty will be measured and if tge scale of faithful people can goes up to fight again badness then there might be a hope to get away from badness.

Demon will have more power than group of religious people but bad people will point to good ness and make violance in others’ nation.
True reglious people will have a hard to surive and get approved that our faith is a real becuase badness will cover the goodness as a mirror is covered by the dust.

If true nation or ture dovtees could save their faith and nation but will have get ride of wickedness by join all nation together. In future, wickness seems to be hard to make them together, and bad will be wipping people and swapping the kindness.

Each houses will be having soon one dovtees and rest will be against him to control him over becuase they may say that you do not know anything . Let’s teach you how to live and this person’s life will be control by his own people because they will be misguided by fake gurus and fake gods.

True God’s word will be neglected and people will some new version of religion that human will have a right him self and hide the truth of a god and his creation . Nature will be indanger by human and it may cause more wars and fights in each nation.
Each human’s life will be watched by simple human and government will take control of your money as well as the practice of a faith. Simple human’s life will be motoring by government what each does and money will controlled by the government.

Each medicine and nature will controlled by government that only thing will be left over that human will that this world will no longer good and our lives ,food and health care will be monitored by our leaders.

There will not be no imbalance of the nature will happened.

Humanity will he shaken by bad people the survival ship will become very hard.

Only dearest true religion may had to live so far away to survive but the only practice of the faith can be shaken from wicked people by dividing the nation from each others.

This critical time will criticized to true people and they will punished by bad people.

This prediction will take over many years to fill and many may not survived in that critical time.

Only our faith will make us to survive if human’s faith is stonger than colors of people or judgement of God may happened and wipe the badness soon in coming warning and prediction will be annuce soon .

Kanda nirmal


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