Small intelligencey : in stupid collage

Small knowledge can teach people in a high professional platform and can gather people who are unidentified about the danger behind of that person is lack of knowledge and make them all stupids.  To whom that human will be a teacher?

Period, all people will think that we are learning a something that is very important for us. Oh sure, ,but, In fact, their brain will be washed from that person because he or she does not to let them learn . Shocking is not to learn about that teacher?

Expected , yes teacher,what is the truth is ,only what my timid teacher is teaching me . Then all those people will be student of stupids in a college.

I hope , this person will not come across as a teacher to teach others that I will teach people how to be stupid.

If all those timed people can run in the stupid collage , what will happened to the students who are ready to graduate from stupid collage.

Are they aware of the fact that they are stupidly trained by timid guru.May be not, because she did not let them know about it all. Even the world can run by timid people.

Do not be surprised about it that the degree in that stupid collage will help them to become  great stupid students But and it will not work for them because the collage will he filled by stupid organizers so all of them do not know that we are stupid and we are training others to be stupid. The suffering from the teacher will come arose after they will face the really world of intelligent.

Do not try be stupid from actors and timed people at all and all they searching for one shot. They may have some problems but we can not meditate on them.I hope that I am not  going to be a student in that college.

We have to fix timed and stupid collage so stupid students will come to the real fact and all hu :hum will not work for stupid mentors.





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