I never expected my love to be insulted

I did expected that my love will be insulted by you. I was thinking that you cared about our love . I felt after, knowing the fact that I may made mistake by knowing that fact that you love me.

I did not even realize the fact of that why you loved each other.

those flaw will end up to put us into the condition where we will love each other. Not is was not my side . It was not my love . It was my decadication but it was failed. But it was failed from your side. Well the time us over and my side is ashamed by you.

If you ever have had any emotions for me that you would not try to put your self in condition that you will be publically talk about your overall love matter and become drunk will ashamed our love.

My love was only one side by you so badly and I can not answer to any one about it. I am quite about it and trying to see why and what you are up too now.

My can not tell people about us and you blamed others and you can expose your love and people will love to have your songs by you.

It is easy to blame other and forget that they were the weak and could not take action then we regret on action .

It is not later but it is gone moment that you can not have it. So stop blaming me for you mistake and fight for the war of love.

You want to blame me and for your action the you can .

If you could have come to me; said that I love you too. That could have a best way to solve our problem.

I am hurted by you. I love you but I never realized that one day you will ashamed my love.

Kanda nirmal


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